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Status update FAQ

Thank you to all those who have asked, called and reached out.  The most frequently asked question so far is:

Are you open?  Answer:   Sorry but no, not at the moment.  We are looking for a new “forever” home and that is taking a little bit of time.  We are searching for a venue that is discrete, doesn’t have (too many) stairs, does have 24 hour access and which meets the rules for Sex on Premises venues as well as Adult shops.  This isn’t easy as the Cairns Regional Council really, really, doesn’t like such venues and has lots of rules to make it difficult.

Hey , if anyone has any suggestions about where would be good, then please let us know, either in the comments section to the blog or on our Facebook page or via the alternative mobile 0451 124 870.

Can we contact you? Answer: Yes, please ring the Head Office phone number.  It is diverting to my mobile.  (If you could ring before midnight that would be good.  The fun of answering  1.00 am and 2.00 am calls got “old” really fast!) An alternative mobile number is: 0451 124 870

Can we still get [insert product name] from you?  Answer:  Ring mobile 0451 124 870 and ask.  However, in general, we will be happy to sell you a product if we have it on hand.  And yes, we DO have THOSE available.  So if you feel the need for “enhancement”  and a hard time – like the Extra Strong, blues or yellows, Rockets or feel like a Ben – then phone 0416 979 262.  We will arrange delivery or pick up.  Prices remain the same for them all.

Any other questions or comments:  Then please contact us via mobile 0451 124 870, the blog or Facebook.  We are happy to chat, update you or make sure you get some of your favourite products.  (Remember you can contact the “Mr Dick E Pilz”  direct on 0416 979 262 if you prefer.  As a courtesy though – please don’t ring him at or after midnight either!)

Head Office CBD – like Arnold Schwartzeneger – We will be back!  Until then: Safe Sex in the City and remember: Who you gonna call for those Pilz? 0416 979 262 that’s who!


What is happening?

Thank you to all our patrons, past and present, for supporting Head Office CBD.  We have operated an Adult Shop and Cruise Lounge from the current premises at McLeod Street for a number of years.  And we are totally grateful for all those who have supported us by visiting, purchasing or just dropping in to chat and pass the time with us.

However, the time has come to move location.  As many are aware, we have had our differences with the management of the building and …. to be blunt …. we are separating and getting a divorce.  As always, there are issues on both sides, but the current location just isn’t working as well as it used to.  People are expecting different services … and the stairs. Oh my, the complaints about the stairs!

So, what does this mean?  We are moving.

It is time to figure out exactly what our customers and patrons want and find a premises that will allow us to deliver this with our trademark good customer service, in clean and safe surroundings.  With car parking, where people won’t be fined or have to pay for every hour (yes, Cairns Regional Council …. no one likes your nasty parking fees and enforcement procedures, especially on a Sunday)!

So this weekend we will be packing everything up – the toys, the equipment, the movies and the screens.  And then we will take a break of a week or two, before we go looking for a new home for the business.

But THANK YOU all for your support.  For those who phoned and enquired if we were ok; for those who dropped by and left messages of support and for those who posted and blogged them.  We are totally grateful.

We will keep you updated via this blog and on the Facebook page.  Ok .. I know we are horrible at blogging, but really, we will.

Take care and watch this space ……..

Safe Sex in the City – we love you all and look forward to seeing you again soon