End of Financial Year means champagne

It is almost the end of June again and everyone begins to be worried about the tax man – and the amazing things you can do with your refund.

So let us help you!

Head Office has an huge range of toys (both male and female), lubricants, DVD’s and .. of course … male and female enhancers.

We also have regular visits from Michelle and Mistress Natalie for those who want to play and/or be disciplined.

As a special sweetener … anyone coming in on Saturday 30 June or Sunday 1st July will be offered a glass of champagne to celebrate.  That is going to be one heck of a Saturday and Sunday night party.

Safe Sex in the City – Head Office the place to be.  Everyone over the age of 18 is welcome – come and check out our rooms, movies and toys.

3 thoughts on “End of Financial Year means champagne

  1. Maurice says:

    I’ve been to Head Office a few times, usually just to watch video and wish! Met a well-hung guy there once, a take-charge kinda guy, I left well satisfied. I’ll get back one day soon.

  2. I will now be a regular every Friday afternoon and most Sundays at the Head Office. Come and say hello or drag me into a dark corner and do naughty things to me xxx Michele

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