Baby it’s cold outside

But .. we have a warm welcome waiting here for you at Head Office.

May was a weird month full of things that needed doing and the usual dramas that happen in life.  Now that June is here it is officially winter.  And cold.  Down to 15 degrees on an extreme night!  At least the days are now fine and warm.

However, we do have some more good news.  Mistress Natalie is back in town after an extended absence and will be making weekend appearances – early evening until late.  So come in and get disciplined with us!

Michelle will be away for a few weeks until 20 June, before she returns for more fun on Fridays and Sundays.  (And yes, we totally apologise for our Friday glitch when the keys got mislaid and we were about an hour late opening.  Total SNAFU on our part.  We are blaming the winged monkeys and lack of coffee.)

Ray has been busy unpacking boxes and boxes of new stock – movies, toys and enhancers.  Do come (hey, we are a Cruise Club!) and check it all out.

Safe Sex in the City – everyone over the age of 18 years old welcome.  Suitable for males, females, trannies, couples, singles, swingers and goths.  LGBTI-friendly venue.


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