FAQ: When are the trannies at HO?

There are some questions we get asked a lot.  When is there going to be a trannie at Head Office is a very common one.  So, for all of you who have asked:

Michelle is often at Head Office on Friday and Sunday between midday and about 5.00 pm.

Come along and have some fun.  We also have lots of toys, enhancers and other cool things to make your visit even more enjoyable.

Safe Sex in the City – all ages and genders welcome. LGBTI-friendly venue open 7 days a week.  Entry: $15 per person with pass-outs available.  A place to make new Friends and come.

One thought on “FAQ: When are the trannies at HO?

  1. As the aforementioned Michele, I do indeed frequent the Head Office every Friday and Sunday from 12pm to around 5pm depending on the trade. I am bottom only but love to engage with ‘first timers’ and am versatile with other TVs, love the rough tradie types but a nice bit of romance works too if you want the GFE 💋💋💋

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