Demise of Craigslist personal ads

I know many people were using the Personal ads in Craigslist for casual hook-ups.  People were advertising all sorts of offers and services, many claiming to be young, virile and only looking for a good time.  And there is nothing wrong with that.

Except …..

You don’t know who is on the other end of the ad.  Whether the information is correct.  Whether it will be safe to give that person your details, phone number and perhaps to let them into your home or to go to a place you don’t know for anonymous sex with a stranger.

So, while many enjoyed a good time, there were others who found a world of trouble.

Can’t say Head Office is the hippest place or that it is the coolest.  But we are safe, reliable, discreet and inexpensive.  We are open from Noon to 2.00 am five days a week (Wed thru Sun inclusive). Open till midnight the other days (Mon – 5.00 pm till midnight, Tues – noon till midnight).  Everyone over the age of 18 years of age is welcome – we are an open Club welcoming males and females, couples, singles.  We do not discriminate but welcome you all – whether you want to watch a movie, engage in sex on the premises or just have a cup of tea/coffee/glass of wine and a chat.  We have public and private spaces. We also offer a wide range of toys, male and female enhancers and other cool things.

We are a business that offers hosting space and other services.  We have to pay wages and rent and other boring stuff to stay in business – none of which was paid by ad-listers on Craigslist – so yes, we do have to charge money ($15 per person, with pass outs available for multiple re-entry on day of purchase).  So, as a business, yes we are pleased to see Craigslist personal ads closed down.

The world is changing.  Digital services are out there(Tinder, Squirt, Grinder etc.) and will continue to change how everyone does business but … for personal interactions …. I am hoping that places like Head Office and Laneway will continue to be valued for the services we offer and for the safe places we offer, however you hook-up.

Safe Sex in the City – try the Club, bring your hook-ups or meet someone here.  Lube and condoms in every room.  Sex swing, mirror room and discipline area available.

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