Happy 2016

Many thanks to all our customers, friends and well-wishers for their support and patronage of Head Office CBD. Hope 2016 is a fantastic year for everyone.

Our website is currently being updated (it does have quite a bit of out-dated info – our apologies) so to help clear up the confusion caused, here are the answers to some FAQs:

Opening Hours
Monday: From 5pm till midnight
Tuesday: From Noon to Midnight
Wednesday: From Noon to 2 am
Thursday: From Noon to 2 am
Friday: From Noon to 2 am
Saturday: From Noon to 2 am
Sunday: From Noon to 2 am

All patrons must be over 18 years of age but EVERYONE is welcome – gay, straight, bi, transvestite, male, female, couples …… everyone.

Entry Fee
Club entry is $15 per person.  Pass outs are available – just ask.

Adult Shop
We have a wide range of toys, lubricants, condoms, lingerie, performance pills, movies – something to suit everyone. If we don’t have what you want then please ask – we are happy to order in for you. Our staff are happy to answer whatever questions you might have so don’t be shy.

Our Adult Shop hours are the same as the Club opening hours.

We have recently updated all the movies so they are all new. They will be regularly updated throughout the year so there should always be something interesting to watch in the Club.

We have also installed a water cooler plus a tea and coffee bar. These are complimentary with every Entry Fee. Soon we will also introduce a relaxation/meeting area in the Adult Shop – more details to follow.

Televisions and furniture are being updated on a regular basis – hopefully this will make our visits more comfortable and enjoyable too!

Couples and Swingers Parties
Yes, couples and swingers are very welcome. And yes, we will hold swingers parties. We are thinking of having these on a Monday or Tuesday night – so feedback on times and ideas would be welcome.

Finally ….

We wish you all a happy, safe and prosperous 2016. Look forward to seeing everyone at Head Office CBD soon ….

2 thoughts on “Happy 2016

  1. Jim says:

    My name is Jim. I’m not Gay but willing to participate with ladie and couples gang bangs etc. Can you please advise the best times to visit

    • ho4870 says:

      It is always really hard to answer this question – some days we have a lot of clients and others are quieter. Generally though evenings are busier and Thursday thru Sunday are the busiest days. You are always welcome to bring a partner (irrespective of gender – they just need to be over 18 years of age) – each person just pays the $15 entry fee and can of course get a pass out to cruise as normal.

      Good luck and we look forward to seeing you here soon.

      Head Office CBD Crew

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