What goes on…

Diversity 2


What goes on is up to you. Here is a list of what we hear goes on at different times and with different guys:




  • Watch a DVD solo.
    Watch a DVD with another guy.
    Lie on the bed naked to be looked at.
    Jacking off solo.
    A circle jerk with other guys.
    Resting hugging another guy.

Open 12.00 noon to 2.00am 7 days all year round, pay once (on that day) and get a Pass Out that lets you come back and forth as many times as you like.

  •  Mondays – Mojo Day, get it back! – $10.00
  • Tuesdays – Diversity Day, all genders welcome – $15.00
  • Wednesday to0 Sunday – Great days! – $15.00

We have:

  • Lockers for Hire
  • Towels for Hire
  • 7 TV Screens
  • 4 Private rooms (1 with mirrors)
  • 1 Group area
  • 2 Lounge areas
  • Sling Room
  • 6 Glory areas
  • Cage
  • Cuff area
  • Shower


Come in, strip or just be yourself, relax.


Clean Safe Secure – Great

Head Office CBD

Level 1

42 McLeod Street


2 thoughts on “What goes on…

  1. Coco Luna says:

    Update your Information! I went in on Monday expecting to get in for $10.00, and was refused as MOJO special no longer applies! What a ripoff!!

    • ho4870 says:

      Hi Coco Luna

      Sorry that you were disappointed. The website is being updated and this will be fixed – along with a heap of new info. We have upgraded the facilities, renovated the shop, have all new movies. Next time you come, let us give you a complimentary red or white wine with your entry – or tea/coffee if you prefer/


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