If you are looking for a male massage in Cairns them come to our Cairns adult shop and male only cruise club

cairns-gay-beat7Male massages can be hard to find in Cairns unless you know where to look, where you can get help finding the right male masseur for your personal situation. That is where you need to get expert help – available for free and without obligation.

Cairns adult shop and cruise club Head Office CBD has a free noticeboard with people wanting to hookup with others. Gay, straight, singles, couples – everyone is welcome to cum and search for someone to hook up with. There is no cost to put a notice up nor is there a cost to come a read what’s there.  This is a free service for people in Cairns lookin for some short term or long term lovin.

Come check it out and while you’re here check out our range of sex toys, lube and other delectable devices to help you cum.

Head Office CBD is a great adult shop and we are at 42 McLeod Street Cairns – on the first floor. We’re open from 12 noon to 2 am seven days a week. 18+.

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