Guys love the facilities our our Cairns male cruise club

Here is why Cairns gay venue head Office CBD is loved by locals, tourists and others who enjoy male on male company when in Cairns.

  1. Open long hours. 12 noon to 2 am every day.
  2. Clean.  Very clean.
  3. Bathrooms.  You can shower and change.
  4. Private rooms. Plenty to choose from with different facilities for your interests and needs.
  5. Entertainment variety. 5 DVDs showing at any time.
  6. Lounge rooms. Multiple spaces for group hook-up.
  7. Sling room. Yeah hop in for a fun ride.
  8. Cage. Yeah if bondage is your thing this is your place.
  9. Free lube.  All you need.
  10. Free condoms.  All you need.
  11. Maze. A dark place where you move around by feel.
  12. Glory holes. What more is there to say other than they are popular!!!!
  13. Open areas.  Places where you can cop a feel or have a chat.
  14. Airconditioning. This place is cool.
  15. $15 is all it costs.

Head Office CBD is a professionally run council approved venue for men in Cairns. Cum see for yourself.

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