Cairns adult shop expands penis pump range

Cairns area guys who want to pump their penis go to Cairns adult shop Head Office CBD. You can pump for fun or for fetish pleasure. We have a great range of penis pumps from which to choose.  We have quality penis pumps for beginners through to advanced. For big and small cocks. For travellers or those to use at home. We can help get you started to pumping pleasure.

We have an excellent range of penis pumps in Cairns for all budgets – tell us what you need.

You can use penis pumps recreationally for a bit of fun or to morph your penis into something new and exciting. Be sure to check our the range in our Cairns adult shop.

Head Office CBD adult shop is located at 42 McLeod Street Cairns, on the first floor.  We’re open 12 noon through to 2am seven days a week.  You’ll find an adult shop packed with an excellent range of sex toys, DVDs, magazines and other items of pleasure.  Call us on 07 4031 3069.  Website:

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