Head Office CBD is the best gay club gay beat in Cairns because…

Gay venues come and go, it’s hard to tell what’s best. Head Office in known in Cairns. It’s professionally run and exists for guys only. It’s a perfect place to watch, hook-up, connect, chat or pleasure yourself. All behind a private safe entrance – for guys only. This is the best gay venue in Cairns.

Why’s it the best?  It’s bigger, has more facilities and is open longer hours.  This is the place guys cum to play.  In the secure facility there are plenty of rooms for play, glory holes, bathrooms, a sling room, a cage, a maze and lounge chairs for relaxation and watching.

Yeah, this is a great plays for guys to connect with guys.

Head Office CBD is located in downtown Cairns: first floor, 42 McLeod Street Cairns. PH: 07 40313069. We’re an adult shop as well as a male cruise club through a separate entrance. We’re open 12 noon to 2 am seven days a week. We have quality products for sale for girls, guys, couples and others. In the cruise club it’s clean, safe and comfortable.  Check out our website www.headofficecbd.com.au and see our details.

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