The best gay cruise club in Cairns by far

We love this place, it’s the best gay venue in Cairns. We love feedback from our customers.

Cairns gay venue Head Office CBD offers the comfort, safety, entertainment and facilities any guy who likes the company of guys could want. And while we call it a gay venue, it’s not strictly a gay venue in that we welcome guys into all sorts of things.

On any day we have straight guys, bisexual guys, transexual guys and curious guys along with gay guys coming to our male-only cinema lounge.

Our the back, behind a separate entrance, guys have access to clean and comfortable facilities. What goes on behind the closed door stays behind the closed door. It’s discrete and safe.  We provide access to bathrooms, lube, condoms and tissues.

Included in this gay venue for your pleasure and relaxation is:

  • Lounge rooms with streaming DVDs.
  • A sling room.
  • A cage!
  • Glory holes.
  • A maze.
  • Private rooms with TV screens steaming content.
  • Private rooms without TVs.
  • Corridors.
  • Bathrooms.

Guys can come and go as often as they want – we offer pass outs.  Plus the more you come (no pun intended) the more you save if you want to be part of our discrete loyalty program.

Head Office CBD is the best gay venue in Cairns because of our facilities, our services and our opening hours – 12 noon through to 2 am seven days a week.  these are hours our customers love.  It’s easy for you to come in any time and have a great time. We make it easy for you.

We’re at 42 McLeod Street – on the first floor. Check us out.  Look for the adult shop sign and you’ve found us.  We’d be happy to answer any questions you have, to make sure your experience is one you will enjoy and remember.  That’s what we are here for – to provide guys with a male-only place where you can relax, be yourself and enjoy the company of other guys in Cairns.

Come say hello and check out our amazing facilities – be ready to enjoy yourself.

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