Get The Rock and other erection pills @ our Cairns adult shop

Guys, if you’re in Cairns and you want a nice stiff cock then get to Cairns adult shop Head Office CBD and buy The Rock or one of the other herbal viagra type products we have on offer. Available in small packs or larger, these pills are loved by our guys customers wanting a firmer erection.

Safe and approved natural pills to get your cock hard. The Rock is part of a new range of herbal Viagra-like pills to help guys get hard cocks is available from Cairns adult shop Head Office CBD.  Ask at the counter to see the packs so you can decide for yourself if the pills are right for you.  You’re welcome to read what’s on the packs.  Available in small packs, these are easy pills to trial and see whether they suit your needs.

Straight from the manufacturer, here’s how V-Pro works:

v-pro is a herbal supplement listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This is the Australian regulatory body that controls and monitors the safety of all medicines and supplements sold here.

v-pro contains only those ingredients tested to comply with pharmaceutical quality standards.

The key ingredient in v-pro is Red Panax Ginseng. Its history of use in traditional medicine is as an aphrodisiac and an adaptogenic herb, which may assist in enhancing physical and athletic stamina and male sexual performance.An adaptogenic herb assists the body to adapt to physical, environmental and psychological stress, increasing the body’s endurance and normalising the functions of the various body systems.

For the best range in sex toys, lube, condoms and other male sex delights in Cairns get to Head Office CBD adult shop. We are at 42 McLeod Street, on the first floor. Open from 12 noon to 2am seven days a week. PH: 07 4031 3069. Website:

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