Cairns gay beat mirror room makes for a fun guy on guy time

cairns-gay-beat3Check out the mirror room at Cairns gay venue Head Office CBD. It’s one of many rooks and places available in our exclusive male-only venue where Cairns guys and tourists flock for a relaxing time at night or during the day. This is a place for people of all types to get together for fun or just to enjoy each other’s company. The mirror room is free for anyone to access in our club. There is no extra fee. And like all our rooms there are condoms and lube ready and available.

In addition to our male-only cruise club, Head Office CBD also offers a full-service Cairns adult shop. The shop and the cruise club are open from 12 noon to 2am seven days a week. First floor, 42 McLeod Street Cairns. Call us on 07 4031 3069. We have all sorts of sex toys, porn, lube and other delights for gays, straights, trans, bi and curious. This is a safe and judgment free business. Cum have fun.

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