What goes on at our popular Cairns gay venue

The Head Office CBD male cinema lounge / male cruise club / male beat is a well-known council approved venue for guys in downtown Cairns.

Discretely located at the read of the Head Office CBD adult shop at 42 McLeod Street Cairns, this male-only venue is a great gay venue in Cairns. But it’s also a place where we get to see plenty of straight, bi, and curious guys.

Out the back, in our male-only cruise club, guys have plenty of places to hang out alone or with others. There are private rooms where you can hook-up with others, lounge rooms where you can watch porn, glory holes where you can hang-out for a suck, a maze where you can feel up or get felt up in the dark.

There are corridors, a sling room, a cage and other places where you can enjoy the company of other guys or just watch.

The rules for this male-only club are simple: be over 18, safe sex always, no means no, clothing is optional, watching is okay, be clean, no alcohol and no drugs.

If you a guy who enjoys the company of guys then this could be a good place for you to visit in Cairns. All it costs is $15 for the experience. Pay that once per day and you can come and go as much as you like.

We stress that it’s okay to come in and watch. Some guys like it that others are there to watch. Some guys like to perform in public as that’s their thing.

Some guys come in to find someone they can go out for a meal with and then on to other fun. This is a good play to meet guys.

We can’t guarantee the sort of guys you’ll meet. Every day is different, every hour can be different too. If a cruise ship is in we have a different crowd to if a bunch of guys from the mins are passing through town. What we can say is that the mix of locals to newbies is around 40% / 60% but even that can vary by day.

If you’re not sure, come by. $15 for a look is not bad. No one will force you to do something you don’t want to do. This is a very respectful venue. A great place for guys considering their first time with another guy or straight guys who are hungry for the cock.

Head Office CBD is a safe place to meet other guys. we open 12 noon to 2am every day of the year. First floor, 42 McLeod Street Cairns.  Phone: 07 4031 3069.

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