Straight guys love our Cairns male-only gay cruise club

Some straight guys like to look at other guys naked. It’s a thing. It’s be a thing for centuries. Some guys like the look of the male body and the penis in particular, without wanting to touch or engage physically.  Other guys like to show off their body, they get off on others looking at their naked body. While internally it’s a sexual experience, it’s not what they’d call gay in that they are not physically engaging with another guys.

Here at our Cairns male cruise club we’re accepting of all guys – straight, bi, gay and everything in between. There is no judgement here, no second look … unless you want us to take a second look because that is your thing.

On any given day a third of all the guys who come to our male-only club are straight guys wanting to watch or be watched. We respect that and our patrons respect that. We’re not your typical gay venue in that way. We’re very respectful and those who visit with us are too.

This is why Head Office CBD in Cairns is a perfect place for curious guys to come visit. It’s clean, safe and non-judgemental. You can come in, take a look and leave if it turns out to not be your thing. Or, you can come in and watch for as long as you like. In our male-only club area you can watch DVDs or watch guys solo or with other guys. The choices are yours to make.

That’s what’s special about our male-only / gay venue – you’re in control of what you see and do at all times.

If you’re still not sure, come on in and ask one of the guys who works for us.  They will answer any question you have as long as its not personal about them.

First floor, 42 McLeod Street Cairns. Open 12 noon to 2am 7 days a week.

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