A place in Cairns for straight guys who have sex with guys

Guys who have sex with guys love coming to our Cairns cruise club. here in our male-only venue guys can strip off and have sex with other guys without judgement, without commitment, without guilt and with safety (free condoms and lube). We make it easy for straight guys to have sex with guys. Plus discrete thanks to the private entrance in the back of our adult shop – head Office CBD, First floor, 42 McLeod Street Cairns.

We see plenty of straight men who have sex with men. From young 18 year olds through to guys in their 70s and 80s. We see uni students, backpackers, office workers, teachers, miners, truck drivers … all sorts of guys, straight guys, who love getting naked and having sex with other guys.

While we advertise ourselves as a gay venue in Cairns, what we have really is a male-only cruise club that welcomes, gay, straight, bi and other guys who want to be here solo or with another guy. Some guys come in together and use our place for their fun while others come in a find guys here.

For plenty of straight guys who have sex with men it’s not about a gay experience but really about getting off. We have the perfect place for such hook-ups including bathroom facilities, private rooms with beds and other facilities for guy on guy sex in Cairns. That’s what our patrons love about our venue – the diversity available in our facilities.

We are the largest venue of our type in far north Queensland.

Whether it’s your first time with a guy or your 100th time, Head Office CBD at 42 McLeod Street in Cairns is an excellent place for you to enjoy, relax and play.  Come to the adult shop, pay your $15 and you get let into our oasis for guys.

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