Here is a safe place in Cairns for married guys to hook-up with other guys

There are plenty of married guys in Cairns who like to look at, touch and feel other guys. These are straight guys who enjoy the company of guys for flings, brief encounters or even discrete relationships. They are guys who love the feel of another male body with theirs. Our place in Cairns, our male-cruise club in Cairns, is a perfect place for married guys to meet and hook-up with other guys in Cairns.

Married guys love our place because they can come in discretely, enjoy their time here, shower and leave. What goes on in our male cruise club stays in our male cruise club. It’s a perfect place for guys to enjoy time with guys without the world finding out. Plus it’s clean, safe, air-conditioned and packed with pleasure opportunities.

We have seen young married guys through to older married guys in their 70s come in. No judgement, no criticism, just a welcoming smile and a wish for a good time out the back with other guys.

If it’s your first time being in the company of other guys in a sexual or possibly sexual situation then watching is okay. Plenty of guys come in for that. They take a seat on a lounge and have a look. Some whip their cock out and others leave it zipped and watch. What you do is up to you. take it easy, explore at your own pace. That’s what special about what we offer – a place where you can work out who you are and what you like.

Head Office CBD has been open in Cairns for many years. It’s an adult shop as well as a male-only venue through a separate entrance. Come see for yourself.

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