If you think you might be gay and you’re living in or near Cairns then check us out

If you are over 18 and find yourself thinking about other guys then visiting our discrete, clean and safe Cairns gay could be a good next step.

Out the back of adult shop Head Office CBD at 42 McLeod Street Cairns (first floor) you will find, for a $15 entry fee, a male only cruise club. This is the best gay venue in Cairns.

It’s a place where you will meet other guys. You can watch, talk, touch or play – it’s all up to you. You’ll find the guys not forcing themselves on you.

So, if you are shy and juts want to watch that is okay too. It;s a perfect way to see if you might like being with another guy. You can experiment and explore at your own place in this place of discretion and comfort. It’s a private club away from prying eyes and where no one will even know you are here. That’s what is so great about Head Office. It’s a perfect place where you can take your time to work out who you are and what you like.

The kinds of guys we have coming in varies. More than a third of the guys who visit would identify as being straight.  This is interesting since outside they’re blokey blokes and inside they like to play with other guys sucking and fucking. Some just want to jack off in front of other guys. We are happy to provide a perfect place in Cairns for this activity.

Ours is a council-approved venue. So there is no worry about being caught – you;re doing nothing wrong.

Oh and to make your visit more comfortable, we are air-conditioned plus we have lube and condoms at the ready for you.

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