Cairns male cruise club helps guys explore their sexuality and come out

Coming out can be a challenging time for any guy but especially so in far north Queensland where guys are guys and being gay can have an especially tough stigma attached to it.

Cairns gay cruise club and male-only cinema lounge Head Office CBD at 42 McLeod Street helps Cairns area guys explore their sexuality and come out if that is what they choose.

How do we help Cairns area guys explore their sexuality?  In a range of ways:

  1. With information about community groups.
  2. Safe sex literature and information.
  3. Easy access to straight and gay porn.
  4. A safe and clean place to watch guys.
  5. A safe place to be naked to be watched.
  6. A safe place for a first time experience.
  7. Somewhere to hook-up with other guys where you won;t be caught or judged.
  8. A place where you can talk with other guys.

If you are a guy who is curious about sex with guys then Head Office CBD in downtown Cairns could be a perfect place to visit. We’re open from 12 noon to 2 am 7 days a week. We at first floor, 42 McLeod Street Cairns. You can call is on 07 4031 3069. We will help you as much as possible without telling you what to do. In fact, no one in our male-only club will tell you what to do. No one will force themselves on you.

So, if you are a guy in the Cairns area and you and considering exploring your interest in guys, come visit us and see if it works for you. No judgement. No pressure. No publicity. This is a safe and clean male-only venue where what happens is completely up to you.

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