Cairns adult shop offers realistic penis vibrators

Cairns adult shop Head Office CBD has just received more shipments of vibrators, dildos, cock rings and other fun sex toys for your pleasure. Featuring in the new products is realistic penis vibrators. We now have many different types different sizes and shapes. Cut and uncut. All offering a real penis feel with the added pleasure of vibration for your personal stimulation.

This latest shipment expands the range and provides shoppers with more choice. It includes a new line of lifelike penis vibrators for girls or guys. These cocks look and feel like the real deal and they vibrate. Talk about sensual fantasy fun.

Cum see what else we have found for your pleasure.

Our Cairns adult shop has plenty to offer girls and guys – sex toys, lubricants, bullets, We Vibe, Fleshlight, dildos, bondage items, adult magazines, adult DVDs, costumes, condoms, stimulation creams, cock rings, nipple clamps and more. We’re on the first floor, 42 McLeod Street Cairns, opposite the Cairns Central Shopping Centre. We’re open between 12 noon and 2 am seven days a week. Check out Call us on 07 4031 3069.

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