Private rooms for guys at Cairns gay venue for no extra cost

cnsr1Our Cairns gay beat Head Office CBD offers more private rooms for your pleasure – making our place an oasis for guys who like to hookup with, watch or generally enjoy the company of guys. And when we say guys we mean guys of all ages – over 18 of course though! 🙂

These private rooms are included in the entry fee of $15. There is no extra charge. And there are plenty of rooms for your use.

As the photo shows, we have private rooms, plenty of them for your pleasure and at no extra charge.  The clean, fresh and safe rooms are perfect for your relaxation. Yes, these rooms are thoroughly cleaned and refreshed adding to your comfort and pleasure, providing for an experience you’ll enjoy and remember.

Head Office CBD is the best male-only venue in Cairns … for locals and tourists.

If you’re not sure if a male-only venue is for you, come and watch. No pressure.  You’re welcome any time. This is a safe place to watch or engage.

Head Office CBD is at 42 McLeod Street Cairns – on the first floor. We’re open from 12 noon to 2 am seven days a week.  Guys only.  18+.

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