Cairns girls – give your bloke a blowie with pleasure thanks to our numbing product

holongersexCheck our Comfortably Numb from our Cairns adult shop Head Office CBD. We have various flavours of this throat spray that help you numb your throat and thereby enjoy deeper and longer blow jobs.

Comfortably Numb is a perfect enhancer to oral sex and it’s available right now from the sex toy experts at Head Office CBD here in Cairns. We’ll happily answer your questions.

This product is for guys and girls.

Cairns adult shop Head Office CBD is the best adult shop in Cairns with friendly staff, an excellent range of products (lube, vibrators, dildos, enema kits, bullets, cock rings, DVDs, magazines, enhancement pills and special creams) at the best prices you will find in town. Open from 12 noon to 2am seven days a week, this is the best place to shop for sex toys in cairns. First floor, 42 McLeod Street Cairns. PH: 07 4031 3069.

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