Gay Christmas for Gay Cairns guys

hcbdusIf you are looking for a gay venue in Cairns this Christmas check out Head Office CBD. In the back of this adult shop, behind a secure entrance, you can access our gay cinema lounge and cruise club.

Head Office CBD is clean, secure and air-conditioned. Inside you have access to private rooms, a maze, group lounges, a sling room, bathrooms, a cage and other areas. There is nothing like this in Cairns for guys, nothing as extensive, open long hours – 12 noon to 2 am – well established and here for your complete male pleasure.

It only costs $15 to get in and you get a pass out to come and go as much as you want in a day. This makes it very easy for you. We gave guys visiting Cairns telling us that to access our type of club in Sydney, Melbourne or Auckland costs $20 and often more. We make it affordable and put on an excellent experience in a place you can trust and will want to come back to.

We take pride in providing a clean, cool and safe place for guys to hand out. From when we took over the business a year ago, Head Office CBD improved dramatically, providing Cairns area guys with an experience they can remember and look forward to for the next visit.

Cairns gay beat Head Office is located at first floor, 42 McLeod Street Cairns Queensland. PH: 07 4031 3069. Hours: 12 noon through 2am seven days a week.

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