Cairns girls love the We-Vibe from our Cairns adult shop

The We-Vibe range is the best sex toy range for girls.  Cairns adult shop Head Office CBD is the best local adult shop in Cairns for buying this pleasure delivering sex toy and vibrator.

The We-Vibe can inject more fun and intimacy into your relationship. Guys and girls tell us this.  We have sold many of the various We Vibe products and happy customers send their friends in.

While one silky end of the We-Vibe glides easily inside the woman, the other nestles teasingly, pleasingly against her clitoris. The patented ultra thin flex arm lovingly hugs her contours to hold the We-Vibe comfortably in place — leaving plenty of room for a penis to slide inside and share the pleasure.

Come shop in our safe and friendly environment. Bring your partner, bring your friends. We’ll explain the products. You can see the demonstrator models on show.

Cairns girls can come get their own fun with the We Vibe and enjoy this silky sexy personal vibrator.

Cairns girls can get the We-Vibe II from Cairns adult shop Head Office CBD for just $195.00.

Head Office CBD adult shop is located at 42 McLeod Street Cairns, on the first floor.  We’re open 12 noon through to 2am seven days a week.  You’ll find an adult shop packed with an excellent range of sex toys, DVDs, magazines and other items of pleasure.  Call us on 07 4031 3069.  Website:

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