Cairns swingers night October 31 @ 7pm

Swingers in Cairns and surrounding areas have a fun night opportunity on October 31.  Starting at 7pm and running until 2am, the adult lounge at Head Office CBD will be a swingers club.  It is set to be a fun and safe night for all with rooms and lounges available for all to use.  The facility includes screens streaming DVDs to entertain.

Come to Swingers Night on October 31, 2011, Halloween, at Head Office CBD, First floor, 42 McLeod Street Cairns.

Entry is just $25 for guys, $10 for girls or $30 for a couple.

The night will start at 7pm and conclude at 2am.

You’ll have access to an adult cruise club with private and public rooms, a good mix of straight porn DVDs playing, bathrooms and a shower.  Lockers and towels will also be available.

Come and share Halloween with us for Swingers Night at head Office CBD, October 31, 2011 starting at 7pm.

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